Kathleen Ross

IPA Program - IESDB Family Member

Kat Ross is a parent of a child who was born with a hearing difference and a Family Support Ambassador for the HATCH lab at Idaho State University. After the birth of their daughter, Mary, in 2012, Kat and her husband, Kevin, began an unexpected journey of raising a child with hearing loss. At times, it has been confusing, scary, emotional, and frustrating. Let’s be real! It is never easy to discover there is something atypical about your child. However, the times of joy, excitement, pride, and relief have far outweighed the negative moments. There is a wonderful community of “helpers” out there, and Kat has extensive knowledge in connecting families with the right people to support their child’s specific needs. Whether it's creating content for the Weekly HATCH Newsletter or facilitating Tuesdays @10 Family Support Zooms, empowering families and getting information, resources, and support to them is her passion!

Kat received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Columbia College with an emphasis in Psychology and worked in the Boise School District for many years. She also worked as the Executive Director of Idaho Hands and Voices and was part of the team to bring the hearing aid legislature to Idaho. In her free time, Kat loves to travel, camp, cook, and relax with her family and many pets.

Idaho State University

Meridian, ID