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Prior Trainees - Common Questions

For questions on PaymentWorks, go to this webpage:  PaymentWorks 

Log Sheet

Logsheets are deleted annually.  We can provide a letter or email verifying you completed the program if needed.  


Long-Term Trainees (300 hours) will do three of these, at 2 years, 5 years, and 10 years after graduation.  This is a time consuming activity for our Coordinator to get surveys completed but it is EXTREMELY important.  Your survey completion is counted on our grant each year.  We aim for 100% of our graduates to complete these surveys.

You can help us by doing the survey as soon as you get the first email.  Because the completion rate is so important, we will try to reach you numerous times.  This will take place by emails, texts, searching through common social media pages, and finally by contacting relatives whose contact information you initially provided to us.  This is not a scam when you receive these messages as some people or family members think.  You will receive your initial emails from a university email ( or   

The follow-up for surveys is difficult and we ask that you do your part, which you agreed to in your initial agreement to begin the program.  This is a necessary part of our program and important.

The survey is fairly short and asks about your activities and potential leadership opportunities you have done.  Though you have a code that is unique to your own survey, results are compiled by program and nationally.

The instructions are simple:

Answer the questions, update your contact information (don't add any extra spaces before or after email addresses), and make sure to click on Submit.  

That's it.  You're done! 

Tax Forms

These are automatically sent by mail to the address listed in PaymentWorks and mailed out until the January after you complete the program.  You are responsible for any tax filing obligations associated with your stipend.  Instructions on requesting a copy of your last year's tax form are below.  

If you were paid through USU's Payroll 

USU employees, assistantships, scholarships only ; most trainees are not paid through Payroll

For all other trainees

Check the address in PaymentWorks (for more information see PaymentWorks)