To Register Into PaymentWorks... 


This is the system used by Utah State University (USU) to manage who receives money (stipends, participant support, travel reimbursements, etc.)  You can manage whether you receive these by mail or by direct deposit (also called ACH).  Emails are sent by the system, which frequently go to junk mail.  It will ask for things like your legal name, address, tax information, and payment preferences.  A live person will verify the information and then you will receive a final email that it is completed.  

Anyone receiving money from USU who is not on a USU scholarship, assistantship, or Payroll will need to register.  

This includes participants who are self-advocates or parents/family members who participate with URLEND.  

PaymentWorks has an extensive information system for questions you might have.   A web search with the words PaymentWorks along with a word or phrase often brings up a response.  Their resource library is located at .

****  KEEP a current mailing address in PaymentWorks.  We recommend a permanent address, such as a parent's, if you are a student.  Reach the system at (or click the logo at the top of the page)


You should have received an email today to register.  If you don't see it, check your junk mail.  It may look like it comes from a person's email address.  

Address and Name Changes