Curriculum and Training

"LEND taught me to think outside just my scope of practice and treat my whole patient. I am now better able to think about how I treat parents of my patients and the life decisions and paths they are going through without just jumping to what I think is best for them."

URLEND Trainees are future leaders in the maternal and child health field

Didactic Training

Two days of Orientation

Seminars with expert speakers held via Zoom

Asynchronous learning modules

Clinical Experiences

Observation and participation in interdisciplinary clinics held via telehealth or in-person

Parent Directed Consultations

Family Mentorship Project

Leadership/Research Activities

Interdisciplinary leadership projects

Community cultural experiences

Advocacy and policy

Comprehensive Training Adapted to Your Interests and Needs

Family Mentorship Project

Leadership Project

Clinical Experiences

Parent Directed Consultations

Community Cultural Experiences