Self-Advocates and Parents/Guardians

Why should I consider URLEND?

URLEND gives you the opportunity to share your story, learn, discuss, interact with healthcare professionals and act on ideas that will benefit people like you or your child.  

 Applications for the 2024-25 year are closed

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URLEND made me less nervous to talk about my disabilities to medical professionals and students.  It also helped me learn more medical stuff so I can be a better advocate for myself.  I felt like I was doing good work in URLEND because I was talking to medical students and helping them learn how to work with people like me.  



It’s one of the best experiences I’ve had as a parent of a child with complex health issues/disability. I grew in knowledge and motivation to take action myself to improve things for my son and people like him. URLEND gave me a space to feel not only heard but empowered. 

Things to Know

Self-Advocates and Parent/Guardian Trainees provide valuable insights into the lived experiences and perceptions of individuals with disabilities.  Advocates learn many different skills.  Some want to become a voice within their community, others want to learn how decisions are made, still others want to be more proactive in receiving their own services.  

Trainees attend a class via Zoom most Fridays, Noon to 4pm Mountain Time.  Each week trainees spend additional time participating in a team leadership project, assignments, and in researching resources.  A Self-Advocate/Family Trainee must have 300 hours total to complete the program, but it can be completed over 1 year or 2 years.