Gina Pola-Money

Family Advocate / Utah Family Voices Founder

Gina Pola-Money is the founder of Utah Family Voices and has served as Family Faculty for the URLEND program for the past 21 years.  She currently volunteers for the Legislative Coalition for People with Disabilities as the treasurer and administrative support.  She retired in 2020 as the Utah Parent Center, Associate Director, and Utah Family Voices, Family-to-Family Health Information Center, Director after being involved for over 31 years. 

Gina was one of the original family partners and developers of the Medical Home Portal.  She still collaborates closely with various programs and partners to incorporate family involvement at all levels and areas of health and related systems, provide family input and advocacy to state and national level policies and programs, and assist families to build the necessary skills to effectively navigate the complex system of care. 

Gina is the proud grandma of a toddler with an attitude.  She is also the mom of five children, two of which had medical complexity due to a rare genetic disorder that was unfortunately terminal.  Her three surviving adult children have extra health care needs, which led to and continues to drive her passion for giving because of the expertise and experiences acquired throughout the last 36 years. 

(801) 631-1609