Infant & Pediatric Audiology Program


The URLEND Infant & Pediatric Audiology (URLEND-IPA) training program seeks to increase the number of well-trained pediatric audiologists available to respond to the complex and challenging needs of children and youth with neurodevelopmental and related disabilities and children with special health care needs (NDRD/CSHCN) and their families through improved screening, timely diagnoses, and the provision of evidence-based interventions. This program is also integrated with the URLEND program so that trainees can gain important leadership skills and an understanding of the systems that provide services to children with special health care needs and their families. These skills will enable them to be effective change agents in improving the Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) system that, by design and necessity, functions as a part of the CSCHN system in every state.


The URLEND-IPA trainees attend all URLEND seminars and additional didactic seminars focusing specifically on the following to address the IPA goals and competencies:


URLEND – IPA trainees will be accepted from Audiology doctoral training programs as well as licensed audiologists in one of the partner states who wishes to increase their expertise in service provision as described above. Trainees will be considered at the long term/leadership level trainees (350+ hours).