URLEND Trainees are the future leaders in the maternal and child health field.

URLEND Classroom Curriculum

Because the URLEND services a large geographical area (Utah, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota and Idaho) trainees and faculty are brought together for 2 full days of training early in the academic year. The rest of the didactic meetings rely on video conferencing to bring participants together.

URLEND Leadership Curriculum

Because the goal of this grant is to train the leaders for tomorrow, leadership skills are a key outcome for the program. Over the course of the year, each trainee completes a leadership project either individually or as part of a team. Previous leadership projects may be found on the right hand side of this page.

URLEND Clinical Curriculum

One way to appreciate the complexity of care that some children require is to fully experience clinical settings that are out of one's own area of specialization. URLEND trainees visit a number of specialized clinics and medical home providers.

Disciplines Represented

Trainees participate in a 2 semester course. Trainees can choose from the following levels of training depending on their time commitments:

For more information see URLEND Trainee Expectations and Definitions, URLEND/ASD Enhanced (AE) Expectations and Definitions, and URLEND Infant Pediatric Audiology (IPA) Expectations and Definitions.